Urban Orbit for Cities

Connect & visualise data

Plan in real-time

Communicate & collaborate

Integrate IoT to your digital twin

IoT integration into your digital twin enables the creation of a smart platform for understanding the status quo of neighbourhoods and optimizing their development. Real-time information, such as air pollution levels, the vitality of green areas, and existing infrastructure, can be connected and viewed through a simple, visual online platform.

Visualisation tool

Simplify the communication process with stakeholders or citizens by sharing a 3D model featuring visualizations of both present and proposed areas. Embed videos on your websites or share various design options to encourage citizen participation. Whether you’re monitoring trends, exploring patterns, or communicating insights, harness the power of a centralized visualization tool to elevate your data-driven initiatives.

Digital location management

Gain a complete and comprehensive overview of your location through a 3D digital model. From the establishment of existing site conditions to the planning of designs and the assessment of potentials and interdependencies – all can be accomplished using a central visual 3D information model. Construction phases can be monitored, future developments planned, and sustainability goals can be collaboratively strategized.

Analysis tool

The combination of Geo-Information System and IoT data is employed to extract meaningful information about your site area. Detailed analyses for future scenarios and the development of feasibility studies, supported by geo-referenced data, can be undertaken. Whether safeguarding your city from heat risks, assessing additional infrastructure feasibility, or addressing unique questions, our customizable tool can be personalized for your needs.

Urban planning tool

The 3D digital twin model is more than just an information dashboard; it allows active design on the platform. Parametric, easy-to-use design tools, along with visual feedback on local building codes, simplify the process of planning future projects or simulating scenarios. Multiple design variations can be created, and real-time feedback on KPIs can be received while designing. Let the data work for you.

Quick-Check Bauantrag

Fast forward the building permit processes for your citizens. Streamline the pre-check of designs for compliance with local building regulations, highlighting any necessary changes before final applications. Simplify the communication process by printing a QR code on building products, effortlessly providing citizens with technical specifications and specific planning requirements for their individual cases.

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