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Your benefits

Saves time

Generate and compare variants in real time. Create feasibility studies within minutes, instead of months!

Utilises data

Bring maximum site information into your early planning processes. No more "trial and error" processes.

Simplifies complexity

Focus on making decisions. Our platform checks building codes and KPIs in real time.


Building code compliance checks

What is the re-densification potential of your site? What are the consequences of adding an extra floor to your building stocks? Check possible variants for building code compliance and discuss with stakeholders. Ensure smooth approval process right from the first step. 

Real-time KPI feedback

Are you spending valuable time elaborating on the upsides of your visions? Set standard or customised key values for your site. Design, and create variants at your pace. The key value calculation keeps up with your design in real-time.

Parametric buildings

Did you know that European cities already have existing 3D city models? Just drop the data onto the workspace.

Our platform does the magic and translates it into an interactive model.

Intuitive design tools

Draw site elements such as green areas, sealed surfaces, parking, streets, and walkways with easy-to-use tools and perceptive tools - always in 3D.

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